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Akshay V. Singhal
CEO, Founder
Material Science and Nanotechnology have been trying to understand this specimen since years. One of the best brains in the field.
Kartik Hajela
VP Business, Co-Founder
A corporate life seemed too steady and easy to him. Unparalleled analytical and people skills combined with a great technical acumen. Knows how to get things done.
Anshul Sharma
Got acquainted to nanotechnology and Graphene when others of his age were busy understanding BODMAS. Knows his way around any lab without causing a fire.
Siddhanth Sengar
Manager, Business and Operations
Fitting multiple roles in the company. Can be seen managing finances on one floor and holding a soldering iron on the other.
Ankush Raina
Design Associate
The brain giving various shapes to the products developed. Observant up to the minute detail of any design.
Dr. Deepika Malwal
PhD was a cakewalk for her. Been envied by runners’ up since forever.
Kunal Paul
Senior Research Associate
A mind full of deep knowledge of chemistry and material science. Can determine in which direction any reaction will go.
Arvind Bhardwaj
Research Associate
Curiosity coupled with deep nanotechnology knowledge drives him to develop new things.
Robin George
Research Associate
Seeks motivation from butterflies to ideate and innovate new things.
Amitesh Pritam
Research Associate
A curious mind blended with a focused approach makes him an efficient researcher.
Ayushi Kaushik
Research Fellow
College gold medal is a corroboration of her capability to bring out near perfection in everything.
Shajar Ali Imam
Research Fellow
Keen observation and quick problem-solving, are the two things which he follows in his professional life.
Admin & HR
The go-to guy for everyone. Knows his way around the place. You cant miss hearing his name in the office.